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Cloud storage for your business

Personal cloud storage can be little vulnerable, and online hard drives are not so flexible. DirectCloud-BOX is a cloud storage which is ready to save and share your business data. It is easy to use, and can be access from any device you have.

Seperated storage space

Simple and easy to use

Large size files and folders

One cloud, many devices

Save, Share, and Collaborate

Securely share files with your team or partners. In order to protect confidential data, invite your guest to a private folder or share it with different access levels.

Invite members

Leave a Comment 

Send file link

Control Security level

A Thorough Data Protection

All data are saved in AMAZON AWS, where servers are running 24/7. SSL 256 bit encryption for transfer, and AES 256 encryption for saving data will also help you to protect your data.

Send and save with encryption

Virus protection

Storage management

File lock feature

Professional Management Tool

Do you want to use your old organization chart or manage people who access the files? DirectCloud-BOX lets you add members by LDAP or CVS integration and set a detailed security levels for each member. You can also monitor them in real-time.

Simple team creation

Access control

Security levels

Real-time log monitoring

More than 6,000 companies adopted DirectCloud-BOX.

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50 person




50 person

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Unlimited users

$99 / month

$69 / month



Unlimited users

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$179 / month




Unlimited users

$899 / month

$449 / month